1 dicembre 2020

Antarctica Ski&Sail

Project December 2020

The Anctartica Penisula is a stunning and incredible place. Huge mountains, enormous glacier, untouched peaks and beautiful wildlife are the best environment for a wild and lonley ski touring ever! Panorma-ParadiseBay
The logistics are possbile only with a boat, because in Antarctica there is any support: no villages, no supermarkets, no facilities, no harbours. Antarctica is a ice land, with enourmous glaciers ending directly on the sea, incredible ridges and untouched slopes. ViewFromMontBanck



Our travel

The first problem is to reach the Antarctica Penisula. Our choice is sailing the Drake Passage only once, and to have the other crossing by plane. This will permit to reduce time on the sea (a single Drake crossing can keep 3/4 days), without miss the incredible experience of sailing across the mythic channel and his long waves!

The area between King George Island, in South Shetland Island, and Anvers Island, in Palmer Arcipelago, is our action zone. All the fjordsfacing to Gerlache Strait, for example Paradise Harbour, Errera Channel, Andvor Bay, Neumayr Channel, are the perfect location for Ski & Sail and to visit the stunning and incredible icy wilderness. Indeed, sailing across the Antarctic Sea is very common to crossing whales, impossible don’t see thousand of penguins, frequently the meeting with seals and several big birds. The scenery change continuosly showing peaks and glaciers whitout ending.

Antarctica map ActiveTravel

The typical ski touring day

The activity on board start in the morning between 7,00 and 8,00 o’clock with a breakfast.

Then, prepared all skitouring stuff, with a tender transfer we reach the shore on a good landing place, from where we start the ski touring.

In Antarctica every activity on land is on the glacier, therfore need to be prepared for this terrain. Mandatory to have an harness, helmet and, of course, the safety kit (transceiver/shovel/probe). The typical lenght of the ski tours is between 800m and 1200m of altitude from sea level, the typical skill required is S3 or BS (wide slope max 40 degrees). Sometimes to reach the summit is necessary to use crampons and axe.

The tour usually can be finish in 4-6 hours, to be back by tender on board in the early afternoon (2-4 pm).

Relaxing time on board for the guests, sailing time for the crew. The boat will move to another ancor point close to the landing of the next ski touring. Anchor done, then dinner and relaxing time on board in the long and light Antarctica evening.



The typical touristic day

Bad weather? Windy day? Not possible any ski activity? No problem, depending of the location we will organize with the captain the visits to the penguins colonies, the scient basis, the historical places.

Are you a passionate photographer? You need a special transfer to an emotional place to make penguins picture? No problem, the small boat allow the flexibility for you.

A group of wales are making a bubble feeding? The Sailng boat will be stoped to look this amazing moment of the wildlife. Wales swimming around? Be aware, the breath of the wale is not so difficult to see, need to be just a little bit lucky to catch the whale breach!

Are you hyperactive? Do yo want to have every minute of this travel to see icebergs, glaciers ice falls, seals resting on the ice, walking in the penguins colonies? A cruise with the tender will be organize for you!




DEPARTURE/RETURN Ushuaia, Argentina or Punta Arenas, Chile
DATES December 2020
From your country get the flights to Santiago Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL) airport then with a domestic flight to Punta Arenas Airport Presidente Carlos Ibáñez Del Campo (PUQ)
Cruise on board of Ocean Trump, 13 night
Accomodation in  two places cabin, Full Board service
Mountain Guide services
The travel to/from Punta Arenas and all the accomodation during the travel
Ski touring gear
Insurance for Healty/Cancellation/Travel/Luggage



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Day by day


Travel from your country to Punta Arenas. You must to be in Punta Arena 36 hours before the scheduled flight, in case due to weather the plane has to leave earlier than scheduled.

December 2020


day 1

Meeting in Punta Arenas Airport – Flight to King George Island – Transer to Ocean Trump – Welcom on board – Safety briefing – Sailing – Dinner

Day 2

Sailing day to Brabant Island – Short skitouring in the afternoon

Day 3 to 10

Every day, depending the weather, ski touring. The exact route will be decided by the Captain and the Mountain Guide in according with the sea conditions, landings, mountain conditions. The most common targets for skitouring are Mount Bank, Jabat Peak, Rojas Peak. When ski touring is not possible, the program will be a visit of penguin colonies (Neko Harbour, Damoy Point, Waterboard Point) and scients base, or sailing, or kayaking

Day 11

Sailing to Deception Island and visit of the famous vulcan island

Day 12

Sailing to King George Island and fly back to Punta Arenas



Day 13

Flight from PA to Puerto Williams – Two nights all inclusive at the high end Lodge Lakutaia in Puerto Williams, including transfers to/from Airport, back-horse riding, kayaking,  trekking and all meals and drinks.

Day 19

Lodge Lakutaia in Puerto Williams,back-horse riding, kayaking, trekking  and all meals and drinks

Day 20

Lodge Lakutaia in Puerto Williams – transfers to the Airport – Fly back to Punta Arenas – Return to yours country

Materiali  necessari


Per questo viaggio soggiorneremo a bordo di una bella barca a vela, però gli spazi sono ridotti e si raccomanda una sola valigia, preferibilmente una sacca non rigida. Anche gli sci è meglio che vengano trasportati in una sacca non rigida, per poterla ripiegare e lasciare in un piccolo spazio sulla barca.

Per la vita a bordo un abbigliamento “normale” (casual) è consigliato. E’ meglio aggiungere anche un piumino molto pesante per poter stare sul ponte del veliero anche se fa freddo, lo spettacolo che si godrà sarà incomparabile!

Per quanto riguarda le gita, invece, tutto dovrà essere portato nello zaino. E uno zaino leggero è indispensabile per salire, sciare e divertirsi! Perciò è bene portare solo il vestiario essenziale. Le caratteristiche guida per i capi di vestiario saranno leggero, caldo, versatile e funzionale. In genere il vestiario tipico di scialpinismo va molto bene.

  • Berretto, caldo e se possibile antivento
  • Buff leggero e/o di lana per il collo e/o come sottocasco
  • Giacca in “gore-tex” o simili (solo il guscio, senza imbottitura)
  • Giacca antivento in “Windstopper” o simili
  • Piumino leggero sintetico
  • Second layer, caldo e traspirante
  • Intimo tecnico traspirante (no cotone o lana!)
  • Pantaloni da scialpinismo oppure fuseaux e pantaloni in goretex
  • Calzettoni tecnici, non troppo pesanti
  • Guanti, 2 paia, uno leggero e traspirante per la salita e uno più pesante per la discesa

Attrezzi da scialpinismo

L’attrezzatura da freeride può essere utilizzata, ma risulta sicuramente pesante e talvolta non ideale in salita. Può essere utilizzato anche lo snowboard, nella versione split-board.

  •  sci da alpinismo + attacchi da scialpinismo con ski-stop
  • coltelli da neve
  • pelli di foca
  • scarponi da scialpinismo
  • bastoncini allungabili con rondelle
  • casco

Questi materiali possono anche essere noleggiati (in Italia!), richiederlo in anticipo.

Attrezzatura di sicurezza

Consiste nel kit Artva ed è composto da:

  • Artva digitale (rice-trasmettitore per ricerca/segnalazione di travolti in valanga)
  • pala da neve
  • sonda da neve

Questi materiali possono anche essere noleggiati, richiederlo in anticipo.

Materiali vari

  • Zaino da giornata, 30/40 litri. Esistono zaini espressamente disegnati per lo scialpinismo, ma anche uno zaino da escursionismo è più che sufficiente
  • Occhiali da sole e/o maschera, protezione UV 100%
  • Crema solare, protezione 50
  • Bottiglia e/o thermos e/o camelbak, con capacità di 1/1,5 litri
  • Barrette energetiche
  • Macchina fotografica
  • Asciugamani
  • Beauty da bagno

Penisola Antarctica, 64°S, 3000 km from South Pole


Quixote Expeditions

The vessel

Ocean Trump is a 66 feet ketch rigged sailboat, with 5 cabins. She very comfortably can carry 8 guests plus three crew members and one guide. She is a very fast sailboat thanks to her long length, making for a short passage the sailing across the Drake. She is ideal for photographers, hikers, divers, skitourer, scientists and all sort of expeditions that need a large capacity vessel with plenty of storage as well as the needed comfort when living on a sailboat for longer periods of time.

Facilities on board

She has a broadband 4G radar, AIS, 3 VHFs, SSB Radio, 3 GPS, 2 echo sounders, forward looking sonar, autopilot, media drive for watching movies, onboard PC with WiFi internal net for sharing files, public wireless  printer and scanner,  chart plotter, Satellite Iridium Phone with email and weather download capabilities, a large separate kitchen  and a large saloon for 12 guests. She carries all the safety equipment required, including Epirb beacon, 2 SARTs, a linethrowing device,  2 liferafts, flares, Handheld VHFs, SOLAS lifejackets, inflatable lifejackets, Full Co2 engine room firefighting system, etc.  She is a very sturdy and comfortable boat with huge forward and aft decks for transporting equipment, samples, and making your life easier when  dealing with equipment or diving bottles and compressor- we are very happy with her!